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Low Number Plate Lottery

It’s not only in the UK where the public have a fascination with number plates. The department of motor vehicles (DMV) in Boston Massachusetts has just announced the results of its annual low number plate lottery, where local residents enter for the chance to win some of the earliest issue numbers from the state. Drivers who no longer want their number return it to the DMV where the numbers are raffled on an annual basis. The events are always greatly over subscribed but it costs nothing to enter.

Aston Villa Number Plate For Sale

A transfer to Stoke prompts a number plate sale for life long Aston Villa fan. Ken Bedford has owned the personalised number plate Y111 AFC for many years, but with a forthcoming move to Stoke he is fearful his cherished plate will be stolen or vandalised by rival supporters. Ken is aiming to sell his number plate for £50,000. Famous Aston Villa personalised plates include AV 1 owned by Doug Ellis and V1 LLA owned by John Gregory. Check out the classic plate 60 ALS for sale on our site.

Personalised Number Plate Auction Launched

Select Number Plates launches its brand new Number Plate Auction service ( at the British International Motor Show at ExCel London. The number plate auction is the only online custom built auction system for number plates in the world where buyers can buy and sell online. Unlike other auctions that include numerous products processes the transfer of the number plate from buyer to seller to ensure a successful completion. If you are visiting the Motor Show look out for Number Plate Auction on stand 333.

Cherished Number Plate Record Broken Again

It’s only a few days since Roman Abramovich broke the world record for the amount spent on a cherished number plate and already the record has been broken again. Abramovich bought the number plate VIP 1 for £285,000 but now the most expensive number plate is M 1. The number plate was sold by auctioneers Bonhams at the Goodwood Festival of Speed for a staggering £331,000, nearly three times the guide price of £120,000. The new owner is reportedly a Cheshire businessman who bought the personalised number plate as an investment for his 6 year old son. The proceeds of the sale will go to The National Trust who gained the rights to the number plate along with Taton Park when the estate was donated to them in the 1960’s.

VIP 1 Number Plate Breaks British Record

Roman Abramovich is not short of a bob or two as he proved this week when he paid £ 285,000 for a very special number plate. The number plate VIP 1 was first issued in 1979 by DVLNI (the Northern Ireland equivalent of the DVLA) for use by Pope John Paul II on his visit. The plate was previously sold in 2000 for £85,000 and then changed hands for an undisclosed sum before being advertised earlier in the year. The sale is the highest price paid for a number plate beating 51 NGH that was sold at auction by the DVLA in April 2006.

Number Plate Auction 101

The 101st DVLA number plate auction has just drawn to a close. This 83 AST (£ 3,800) of an auction saw over 1400 number plates auctioned. The number plates auctioned were suitable for a variety of vehicles from a ROV 3R (£ 2,100) to Porsche 911 FA (£ 2,600) and MU55 ELL (£ 9,800) cars to an old BAN 93R (£ 600). Whatever your interests there was sure to be a number plate to rock your K45 BAH (£ 400 and a bargain!). The most expensive plate to sell at this auction was SSS 8 going for a massive £ 33,000 though nowhere near the astronomical price achieved at the previous number plate auction for 51 NGH at £ 231,000. Some great names were sold including BAS 51L (£1,800) and ROB 811N (£3,600). If you missed out this time the DVLA have auctions throughout the year with the next one at the Dormy House Hotel, Broadway, Worcestershire on the 6th, 7th and 8th of September 2006.

Number Plate BIG 1

A businessman has smashed the record for a Northern Ireland number plate by spending just over £100,000 for the registration BIG 1. Sean McCrory purchased the plate from an auction in Belfast and also bought BIG 2 for £15,000 and BIG 3 for £14,500. The previous record price for a Northern Ireland number plate was £50,000 paid for WIL 1.

Cheshire’s First Number Plate for Sale

The first number plate issued by the County of Cheshire in 1903 is coming up for sale for the first time in over 100 years. The cherished registration M1 is currently owned by the National Trust who acquired it along with the Tatton Park estate from the Egerton family in 1960. The number plate has a fantastic history first being placed on a 16hp 2 cylinder Darracq that had previously come second at the worlds first grand prix at Pau (southern France) in 1901. The registration plate was later used on a 1900 Mercedes Benz Convertible. The Cherished number plate is to be auctioned on July 7th 2006 at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.



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In 2018 personalised car registrations are even more popular than ever. Private registrations are becoming more rare and difficult to find which now means they are commanding higher prices.

This menas that now more than ever personalised number plates are a great investment. If you are looking for investment number plates then you need to look at low numbers like number ones and as these have unique value compared with other plates.


For example the 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO has become of the worlds most sought after classic car with one only 36 ever made. The Ascot-based Ferrari specialist Talacrest is selling one for more than £45 million. Mr John Collins who owns the company purchased 25 O at auction in 2014 for £518,480 making it the most expensive number to plate to be sold at a UK auction.



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