Registration Mark Availability

Select Number Plates Ltd make every effort to ensure that the registration marks displayed on our site are currently available. We cannot accept responsibility for failed transfers should the registration donor have previously sold the registration number to another party or in the event of a clerical error in the description of the registration plate. In the event of a failure to supply the required registration transfer the liability incurred by Select Number Plates shall be limited to the payment of a full refund to the purchaser. Claims for damages, lost interest and other expenses will not be considered in these circumstances.

Registration Mark Misrepresentation

Purchasers should note that it is an offence to incorrectly space and or misrepresent a registration Mark on a number plate. Failure to properly display a number plate may result in a fine and or the withdrawal of the right to said registration mark.

Vehicle Age

Registration Marks must not be used to make vehicles appear to be newer that they are. For example a vehicle registered in June 1993 cannot be assigned a Registration Mark that is newer that an L prefix style registration. Further details of number plate dates are available in the info section of the Select Number Plates website. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to ensure that the registration mark purchased is suitable for the recipient vehicle.

Registration Mark Donors

Select Number Plates Ltd sell registration marks owned by clients both private and commercial and our own and government stock.

Registration Mark Vat and Fees

Some Registration Marks are subject to VAT. All registration marks have a Department for Transport Assignment fee.

Supply of Registration Marks

Purchased registration Marks shall be supplied on a Certificate of Entitlement / Retention Certificate issued by the department for Transport. The registration mark must be transferred by the purchaser to an appropriate vehicle within the specified timescale of the certificate. Failure to complete a transfer within the timescale (10 years) will result in a loss of entitlement to the registration mark.

Purchasers Data Accuracy

The purchaser is, where a plate has been purchased using the Internet, responsible for the accuracy of the data entered. Select Number Plates Ltd accepts no responsibility where the purchaser has provided inaccurate details and will not refund payments.


Due to the personalised nature of the product Select Number Plates cannot accept cancellations.

Secretary of State for Transport. Select Number Plates accept no responsibility for losses as the result of the Driver and Vehicle Licensing agency and or the Secretary of State for Transport revoking a purchasers right to a Registration Number.

Removal Of Registration For Sale

All registrations advertised on behalf of private clients will stay advertised for sale indefinitely until they are sold or we are given written notice that the number plate is sold externally or is to be removed from sale.

Northern Ireland

Select Number Plates provide Registration Transfers for vehicles in Northern Ireland with transfers being processed by DVLA Swansea .