Free Number Plate Valuations

If you have personalised number plates that you are interested in selling, we offer a free number plate valuation service. Our experienced number plate valuation team examine thousands of cherished number plates to find the correct valuation for you. We do not artificially inflate our number plate valuations to gain new business, rather we give you a true and accurate amount that we believe the number plate to be worth. If you would like free number plate valuations by email please complete the following form.

If you know how much you want for your cherished number plate and do not need a number plate valuation then please use the sell number plates form.


In the Looks Like box please enter anything your number plate looks like for example with the number plate AA00 PET you could enter the following suitable names "PETA PETER PETRA PETULA". This will help us to provide accurate valuations for your cherished number plates.

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Number Plate Valuation Certificates

number plate valuation certificateOur number plate valuations service also includes number plate valuation certificates.

Our number plate valuation certificates can be used for insurance purposes and in legal cases such as divorces and probate etc.

For a Number Plate Valuation Certificate for only £14.95 call us now on 0121 353 6666.