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The Private Number Plates Information section explores the various styles of British Number Plates and the history of their use together with practical information on the process involved in transferring number plates.

Number Plate Styles

British number plates have been issued in a variety of styles starting in 1904 with the dateless system. Subsequent styles for number plates include suffix number plates, prefix number plates and the current number plates system. A variety of geographical area codes have been used with British number plates including One Letter Number Plate Codes , Two Letter Number Plate Codes (old system) and Two Letter Number Plate Codes (current system). A variety of Number Plate Flags can be displayed on private number plates.

Personalised Number Plates

If you buy a personalised number plate then you are also buying the right to have that number assigned to a vehicle. The vehicle itself can be registered to you or to someone else. The process of obtaining a personalised number plate involves buying your personalised number, assigning the number to your vehicle and then getting your personalised number plates made up.

History of Private Number Plates

British number plates were first issued in 1904 and from the very beginning, good letter and number combinations became sought after. The Private Number Plates History Guide explores the growth and use of British number plates. The term cherished number plates is often used to describe the more expensive number plates available. Our cherished number plates guide examines some of the factors affecting prices in the market.

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DVLA Information

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency is responsible for all British number plates. A variety of forms are used in the issue and transfer of number plates as detailed in the DVLA Document Guide. The DVLA holds a number of Number Plate Auctions every year where previously unreleased private number plates are offered of sale.

Describing Number Plates

To avoid confusion number plates are described using a Phonetic Alphabet.


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