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Want to know how much your cherished number plate is worth but not sure you want to sell it? Why not try our free private Number Plate Valuation service, its quick and easy to use and you are under no obligation to sell your private number plate.

  Free No-Obligation Number Plate Valuations

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We can sell number plates on a no-sale no-fee basis. It's easy to sell your number plate. Just complete our simple sales form telling us how much you want returned for your private number plate or leave the value blank and we will provide you with a free number plate valuation.

  Sell Number Plates, No-Sale No-Fee

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DVLA Auction September 21st to 23rd 2016

The next DVLA auction will be held at the Eastwood Hall Eastwood Nottingham NG16 3SS. Some of the interesting registrations to be auctioned are 1 LLP 1 SXY could mean one sexy. 54 UNA ideal for the ...



Stock Wanted

We urgently need 100 number plates for our investor clients, all interested parties should email there stock or call for imediate cash decisions on all registrations. with vertually no interest in the...



Founder member of Select Number Plates is murdered

    Nagging doubts about a death plunge that may have been murder: Questions over the case of a young father who supposedly jumped 30ft into the darkness from a bridge    &...



DVLA Auction Dates For 2016

The DVLA  Private Number Plate  auction dates for 2016 Tankersley Manor Hotel Barnsley South Yorkshire Wednesday 24th Thursday 25th Friday 26th Febuary 2016 Oxford Belfry Hotel Oxfordshire...